Our People

We have an excellent group of people, right through our ranks and departments, all of whom are committed to providing an excellent level of customer service, and all of whom are fully trained in their work area, which allow us to safely and efficiently operate in the hazardous utilities environment all year round and in all weather conditions, using the latest technology, equipment and tools.

JDT is able to work safely and efficiently all year round and in all weather conditions because we meticulously plan each project and job allocating the appropriate number of skilled workers and equipment, and then closely monitoring our actual progress against our planned progress using the latest planning and monitoring technology that instantly provides real time updates across all our projects, jobs and locations.

The Team

Jason Helas
Jason founded JDT in 2010 and remains as the only shareholder. Jason has worked with his customers, suppliers and with his management team to develop a way of working and a successful business that delivers its targets whilst maintaining credibility within the industry. Jason has come through gas and electric utility ranks, starting life as a labourer, and so is able provide operational support and guidance from the grass roots level with authority and empathy. Coupled with his operational and business experience, Jason’s military training and background has served him well, being able to think and work tactically as well as strategically. Jason is a family man, a part of his life that’s very important to him, driving him to be successful and doing business in the right way.

Ian Seaman
Ian started his JDT career early 2013 as part of the senior management team, and has recently been promoted to the role of Transport Director.  Ian’s military training and experience, as well as the training and mentoring work he did within the railways network, stands him in good stead for the strategic and day to day challenges of a fast paced commercially run utility business.  Ian embraces change, in which he energetically provides support and guidance to the company.  Ian’s main drive comes from a desire for personal and professional success, and being a family man, Ian also understands and respects the fine balance between work and home life.

Andy Magor
Andy started his JDT career early 2015 as Team Manager moving to the position of Contracts Manager, to be recently promoted to the role of Operations Director (Dorset).  Andy’s operational experience is borne from working through the ranks of both gas and electric utility companies, and so is able to enjoy an excellent relationship with operational Crews, especially when deploying his calm, collected and reflective approach.  Andy is driven by success and progress, but that drive is balanced with his empathetic nature, making Andy both driven and approachable.

Adrian Lawrance
Adrian started his JDT career in 2010 as part of the senior management team in the role of Reinstatement Director. Adrian’s diverse background and specifically his early experience in construction easily lent itself to the work of reinstatement. Adrian’s main drive comes from ensuring the company does well by achieving its operational and financial targets, and having owned his own business, he knows how important it is to achieve those targets. Adrian is a family man, which is a very important part of his life, and which also motivates him to work hard and do well. Adrian prides himself on doing a good job every time, an ethos he pursues with passion.

Andy Hitchman
Andy started his JDT career in 2012 as part of the senior management team and was then promoted to the role of Managing Director. Andy started his professional career as a distribution craftsman apprentice with British Gas, and after some 16 years, he started his own directional bore drilling business which allowed Andy to become well travelled as he operated globally as a trouble-shooter. Andy’s main drive comes being ambitious with a real passion for hitting operational and financial targets. Andy is a family man, also being an important part of his life. Andy has a deep seated understanding of the gas business as well as business in general, being prerequisites for his role of Managing Director.

Stuart Upton
Stuart started his JDT career in 2011 as part of the senior management team and was then promoted to the role of Finance Director. Stuart worked in the family furniture business whilst undertaking a plumbing apprenticeship at Lewes Technical College. Stuart then worked with Mid Sussex Water after for a period after which he started and ran his own plumbing business. Stuart’s main drive comes a real passion for success and a zest for working. Stuart is a family man and so understands the push and pull of both home and work life. Stuart experience and background in construction and utility sector and in general business has greatly helped in his current role.

Mike Taylor
Mike started his JDT career in 2011 as part of the senior management team and was then promoted to the role of Operations Director (London). Mike’s previous experience in electrical utility has translated well to the gas mains replacement business. Mike’s main drive comes success and progression and ensuring the company does well, and having owned his own business, he knows the challenges that brings. Mike is a family man, also being important part of his life. Mike strives to ensure the company works in an organised manner with exacting standards.